Orbital Music Park

An inclusive community for music-makers in Richmond, Va.

Make more music.

Listen. Learn. Stretch. Explore. Discover. Get inspired. Inspire.

Connect with new people

Be part of a vibrant and diverse community of musical people in a wild galaxy of sound and rhythm. Connect, make friends, get into orbit.

Rehearse in a groovy space

Get access to affordable and comfortable rehearsal spaces. No more noise complaints. No more creepy basements or freezing storage lockers.

Find collaborators

Meet fellow music makers and develop partnerships to fuel your projects. No more wading through Craigslist threads fishing for a match.

I went to my first Orbital session expecting to hate it. But it was amazing.

Greg, bass player
quoted in Richmond Magazine


Seven options to become a member.
Membership comes with a bundle of hours and guest passes.

Good for individuals who want to hangout and play when inspiration strikes
$10 / mo
$110 / yr
Access to the lounge
Access the music instrument library
Access the online community
Optional add-ons you can purchase anytime:
Room hours
Performance space
Guest passes
Reserve your spot!
Good for music makers who want to get into the mix a couple times a month
$25 / mo
$275 / yr
2 room hours / mo
1recording hour / mo
1 performance stage hour / mo
10 guest passes / yr
Reserve your spot!
Good for music makers who want to get in the mix weekly
$75 / mo
$825 / yr
6 room hours / mo
2 recording hour / mo
2 performance stage hours / mo
20 guest passes / yr
Reserve your spot!
Good for individuals or bands who want to practice 2 hours each week
$150 / mo
$1,650 / yr
12 room hours / mo
4 recording hours / mo
4 performance stage hours / mo
30 guest passes / yr
Reserve your spot!
Good for individuals or bands who want to practice 6 hours each week
$300 / mo
$3,300 / yr
24 room hours / mo
6 recording hours / mo
6 performance stage hours / mo
50 guest passes / yr
Reserve your spot!
For teachers who offer private lessons and group workshops
$15 / mo
$165 / yr
12 room hours / mo
2 recording hours / mo
12 performance stage hours / mo
12 guest passes / yr
Reserve your spot!
“Friendly people, great atmosphere, and a solid good time.”

ALL memberships include:

  • Pay per year and get one month FREE
  • Gear access!
    All members can use instruments from our library that includes guitars, synthesizers and more.
  • Private online community
    Connect with the community online, using a private online hub.
  • Musician Match Events!
    Join the monthly Match-O-Rama events to participate in 90-min jam sessions with new people.
  • Special Events!
    Access to private music workshops and performances.
  • Combo (by appointment)
    Private jam sessions with members of the OMP staff. A fun way to level-up and 'learn by doing' with experienced players.
  • Need more info? Email us at:

I signed up, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect … they were nurturing and kind, and everyone was willing to learn each other’s music … That’s what made me fall in love with Orbital Music Park.

Miranda, vocalist
quoted in Richmond Magazine

Space is the place

Rehearsal spaces, instrument library and lounge.

Conceptual sketch of Orbital Music Park by Jordan Greene, courtesy of 37ideas

We are opening February 2019!

  • Mon-Thurs hours: 3pm - midnight
  • Fri-Sun hours: 9am - midnight
  • We’re almost finished building, so stay tuned!

Two soundproof pods

  • Each is a unique structure – like a funky beach bungalow in an industrial warehouse on Mars.
  • Enough space for 8 people and all their gear.
  • Climate-controlled – smells like creativity!
  • Sweet 5-piece drum set, ready to go.
  • Amps set up, ready to go.
  • Mics and PA set up, ready to go.
  • Access the gear library, including amps, synths, more!

One groovy lounge

  • Cafe with Lamplighter coffee, teas, sodas, snacks.
  • Busking area with piano, double bass and drum set.
  • Cool books! Unusual records on the turntable!
  • Fast, free WiFi.

A library of instruments

  • Guitars, basses and things with strings.
  • Amps for guitar, bass and keyboards.
  • Synths and keyboards.
  • Piles of pedals and effects.
  • Drum sets and other percussion.
  • Microphones and PA.
  • Unusual stuff. We even have bagpipes.
  • Karaoke machine (if all you wanna do is sing).

The experience made me want to continue making music a bigger part of my life.

Nancy, guitar player

Match-O-Rama participants


Play with someone new. Any skill level, style or instrument.

Get matched for a hosted jam session! Each month we offer a collaborative play experience with other members matched by experience level and interests. All adventures are 90-minutes.

Matches are made with care by actual humans (not some whack computer algorithm).

“The group was very talented and we all gelled nicely. It was awesome having a diverse group that played many instruments”

“I have my own band that plays out occasionally. Orbital was great for jamming out with some new people and get exposed to new styles.”

“I was matched with folks that were great and our little “jam” session just blew me away.”

“We had quite the mashup of musical genres, and age differences. We all pulled together seamlessly and had a GREAT time!”

“It’s such a weird and wonderful thing to do, and the second time was even more nutty than the first. Thank you guys!”

Match-O-Rama participants

Playing with my matches brought out skills I either didn't know I had or that were dormant. Especially when it came to trying new styles of music on the spot!

Chris, guitar player


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Who can join?

Designed for the rainbow of music-makers.

All skill levels, musical styles, instruments, abilities, cultures, languages, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, and religions (or none) are welcome, respected and loved here. You’ll find community, collaboration space, and creative freedom. And we have snacks.

At OMP we believe we can inspire a more peaceful and creative world by encouraging diverse musical people to play music together more often.

Glad to have you in the mix!

Morgan Huff and Tom Illmensee
Co-Founders and sonic astronauts

Talk to us

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Comment? Ping us!

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