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Collaborative Play for Musical People in Richmond, Virginia.

The Story

Orbital Music Park is like a gym for musical adults, inclusive of all instruments, styles and abilities.

OMP! provides a stimulating milieu for adults in RVA to express their unique musical identities, collaborate and learn from each other. It’s an oasis to meet up with other musical travelers. Any skill level. Any instrument. A rainbow of diverse experiences, stories and sounds.

So we're building a space filled with soundproof living rooms, a library of cool instruments, stages, café bar and a shop. Monthly memberships will provide access to the community, curated events and services. Our first location is in development in Richmond, VA.

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What do other Orbiteers have to say?

"I felt more confident in my ability to sing and play because of direct feedback from the group...the concept, opportunity, and experience (was) really enjoyable and gave me a lot of hope for my musical identity."

- Myra, guitar, keys and vocalist

“Any talent or ability I may have as a musician doesn't seem to reveal itself (even to me) unless I'm playing with others... The experience brought me back to life, musically and I'll do this again."

- Noah, harmonica

“I love love love playing music with other people since I so rarely get the opportunity to do so. The time flew by and I also loved that it could possibly lead to an open mic night. That opportunity never would have arose had we not all ended up in the same room talking and playing music together.”

- Karen S. accordion

"I've always enjoyed being involved in music but putting that enjoyment in context and collaboration makes it possible to see what you're really capable of. (I) felt like we connected well and landed on a wavelength! It was a fun, casual environment that encourages flow and seems like it could open doors between many different groups of musicians.”

- Jenni, vocalist

"My experience was quite welcoming and an awful lot of fun.”

- Leon, bass


We believe we can inspire a more peaceful and creative world by encouraging diverse musical people to play together more often.

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Morgan Huff

Drums, guitar



Tom Illmensee

Guitar, keyboards, accordion