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Orbital Music Park is an inclusive community and safe creative space for music-makers in Richmond, VA.


OMP's mission is to provide inclusive creative spaces for music-makers in Richmond, Virginia, and beyond. Our vision is to build music parks in every capital city on Earth so that diverse music communities can thrive for many generations.

In 2023 OMP's goal is to open the future of music collaboration in Richmond, VA. These are audacious plans. 12 rehearsal rooms, performance space, instrument collection, and an iconic nightclub.


Jam Sessions!

OMP members and invited guests can play (or just hang out) in a variety of hosted music adventure experiences curated by OMP. Events are open to the public, who are welcome to listen and have a beverage at the delightful Révéler bar. Admission is FREE unless indicated.

JAN 2023

Wed 1/11, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul
Sun 1/15, 7pm // Jazz
Mon 1/16, 7:30pm // Blues
Wed 1/18, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul
Sun 1/22, 7pm // Jazz
Mon 1/23, 7:30pm // Blues
Wed 1/25, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul
Sun 1/29, 7pm // Jazz
Mon 1/30, 7:30pm // Blues
Tue 1/31, 7:30pm // Songwriters' Round

FEB 2023

Wed 2/1, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul
Sun 2/5, 7pm // Jazz
Mon 2/6, 7:30pm // Blues
Wed 2/8, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul
Sun 2/12, 7pm // Jazz
Mon 2/13, 7:30pm // Blues
Wed 2/15, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul
Sun 2/19, 7pm // Jazz
Mon 2/20, 7:30pm // Blues
Wed 2/22, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul
Sat 2/25, 7:30pm // SHOWCASE: Rush + Led Zeppelin tributes
Sun 2/26, 7pm // Jazz
Mon 2/27, 7:30pm // Blues
Wed 3/1, 7:30pm // Funk + Soul

Révéler // 3108 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

OMP's Legacy

OMP’s first location - a pop-up 2,000sf facility in an industrial warehouse - served 600+ members from Feb 2019 - Sept 2022. OMP’s current focus is development of a flagship facility in Richmond, with six rehearsal rooms, performance spaces, instrument collection, and an iconic nightclub with kitchen and bar. The larger space will support collaborative workshops, curated jam session experiences, and performances.


OMP logo

Orbital Music Park is a diverse, inclusive community dedicated to providing a harassment-free musical experience for everyone. OMP members represent the full rainbow of genders, ages, sexual orientations, disabilities, physical appearances, body sizes, races, ethnicities, political views, music skill-levels, musical styles, and spiritualities. OMP is committed to the health, safety, welfare of each of its members and staff and will not tolerate unreasonable, threatening, obscene, harassing, indecent, or illegal behavior.

OMP's code of conduct has three rules:

(1) Be cool - OMP is the place for support and kindness. Critique must be requested.

(2) Listen: Be mindful of what other players are doing. Be mindful of dynamics. It's OK to not play - music needs silence, too.

(3) Courage: The good stuff is beyond your comfort zone. Make mistakes. See rule #1.