OMP is closed temporarily. We expect to re-open August 22, 2020. Call 804-484-4136 for more information.
OMP is open! New memberships, new hours, and new health and safety protocols.

Orbital Music Park is an inclusive community and safe creative space for music-makers in Richmond, VA.

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“Music is such an important part of my life and where I find peace. So grateful to have a place in RVA that brings musicians together!"
— Sarah K., OMP member


Kind and supportive. Diverse and real. Glad to have you in the mix.

Individual music-makers!

A violinist performs while wearing a face covering

There’s a place for you in the rainbow of 200+ novices, intermediates, and seasoned pros. End your isolation and get in the mix. Level-up your skills and experience in hosted jam sessions, classes, and events.


Singer Carmel Clavin performs in an original cabaret with accordion and ukulele

Rehearse and record in an affordable, comfortable, convenient, inspiring space that actually sounds amazing. Practice 6 feet apart in a clean room stocked with solid gear. Get out of that musty garage, storage unit, or basement.

"We ALL need more music in our lives, and OMP is the place to make it."
— Greg M., OMP member


OMP is a place for every music-maker - where the full rainbow of music styles, instruments, and skill levels are in the mix.


For individuals who want to meet other players and jam but need somewhat less pod time.

  • Includes 1 hour of pod time / month
  • Extra pod time: $20/hr
  • Guest passes $5 each
  • Free tickets to private jam sessions
  • Access to OMP's instrument collection


For individuals and bands who need some pod time each month. 

  • Includes 2 hours of pod time / month
  • Extra pod time: $10/hr
  • Guest passes $5 each
  • Free tickets to private jam sessions
  • Access to OMP's instrument collection


Guest pass good for one day.

  • For guests of current members only.
  • Upgrade to full membership anytime.
  • Access to OMP's instrument collection


For bands.

Contact us for pricing
  • Includes up to 2.5 hours of pod time/week
  • Options for duos, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, and septets!
  • Reserved scheduling options for bi-weekly and weekly rehearsals
  • Access to OMP's instrument collection
  • Pod capacity: up to 7 players (six feet apart)


For private music teachers with a set schedule of classes each week.

  • Up to 2 hours of reserved pod time per week for teaching.
  • Extra pod time: $10/hr
  • Guest passes: FREE
  • Access to OMP's instrument collection
Discounts available! If you're unemployed or under-employed as a result of COVID-19, or if you're an essential worker, OMP will discount your membership fees 50% until the pandemic subsides. Let's talk about what you need, OK? There are NO sign up or cancellation fees. A portion of OMP’s revenues are donated to the Equal Justice Initiative and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.
"This place is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Everyone is friendly, easygoing, and fun to be around. There is nothing pretentious or intimidating here, and anyone who plays anything or wants to learn to play anything should feel comfortable just dropping in to check it out..."
— Laura C., OMP member


Vibrant sounds and funky vibe. Social-distanced and clean.

Designed for sound!

Interior of a rehearsal pod with a drum set, guitar, colorful rugs and dim lighting to set the mood.

Both of our 330 sf pods were custom designed to let sound waves flow smoothly around the room. With twelve slanted walls and ceilings, and enough space for up to 7 players spaced 6-feet apart, OMP pods are like funky living rooms. Ultra-comfy, sound-proof, and climate-controlled. Both rooms are equipped with 3M HEPA air purifiers.

Loaded with gear!

A blue Baldwin upright piano decorated with Christmas lights and a golden unicorn lamp.

Our rooms are already set up with Sonar Safari drum kits, bass amps, full PA with monitors, and even sanitized microphones ready to go. Both rooms have a tuned upright piano. Book and manage your rehearsals with OMP Mission Control, our members-only mobile website. Pods, instruments, and gear are cleaned after each session.

"Orbital Music Park is becoming my second home."
— Mary E., OMP member


Like an art gallery in a carnival tent on Mars.

An iconic stage

Singer, pianist, songwriter Makeda McCreary and band perform in the Lunary Lounge in 2019

OMP's funky stage and lounge can be configured for groups up to 10 players to rehearse 6-feet apart. Noodle around on the piano. Listen to some groovy records. Browse a collection of unusual and interesting books about music, art and culture. Nespresso coffee on tap, tea, sodas, and bottled water. Free and strong WiFi, too.


Close up of the artist's oversized traffic signal sculpture

CTRL/Command by Richmond artist Noah Scalin is on display in OMP's Lunar Lounge (on loan by the artist). The dynamic sculpture has been on display in Times Square in NYC, and in Washington, DC. The piece riffs on the classic New York City icon of pedestrian traffic signals in an outlandishly oversized format.

"This is a creative, inclusive space, and they provide some really cool gear for us to use! I’m really happy this is in RVA."
— Nat Q., OMP member


Access OMP's collection of drums, amps, keys, and oddities.

Solid foundations

Interior of a pod with double bass, drum set, and a G&L telecaster-style guitar

All kinds of amps, drums, percussion, synths, keyboards, guitars, and basses. Three tuned pianos. Sonar Safari drum sets in each pod, Roland VR-09 keyboards, Korg synths, Double bass, Dr. Z Maz 18 amp, Roland Jazz Chorus JC 120 and JC 40 amps, Ampeg BA 115 bass amp, Ashdown Five 15 bass amp, Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. 

Recording + fun extras

A 1970s vintage Baldwin Fun Machine decorated with Christmas lights

Moog theremin, Roland 808 drum machine, a vintage 70s Baldwin Fun Machine, accordion, pedals, and of course, a cowbell. Make a demo (or just record practice) with a Zoom 4-track recorder. A staff member can help prep your pod for a recording session and deliver an MP3 or Wave file after your session.

"OMP is the coolest place ever.  A great concept, a great atmosphere, a great place to create music."
— Tony S., OMP member


Jams. Classes. Workshops. Performances. Sock puppetry. All postponed until it's safer.

"Orbital Music Park is an all inclusive place that encourages creativity...You will not find a better place to collaborate or learn or teach or play an instrument. The kindness the OMP has shown me personally has changed my life and gave me hope. It has renewed my faith in love and music. I'll never be able to thank them for everything that they give to all of us musicians.  A safe place to be ourselves." — Donny W., OMP member

Health + Safety

COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Temperature of 99.4 or less required for entry. Please stay home if you're not feeling well.

Masks must be worn at all times. Mouth and nose, please.

Play and hang 6 feet apart.

Wind instruments can only be played in the lounge area (not in the pods).

Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

Membership or guest pass required for entry.

OMP staff clean rooms with disinfectant after every session.

OMP staff clean gear with disinfectant after each use.

where's OMP?

OMP's exterior sign


Plastic Godzilla proudly displays OMP's Equality Virginia certificate

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