an inclusive community and creative space for music-makers in Richmond, VA.

COVID-19 update: Orbital Music Park will be closed until at least Sunday, May 3.
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OMP entrance is like mini Las Vegas
A vintage Baldwin Fun Machine covered in lights
Classical performance in the Lunar Lounge
Funky alien with a bass

Who’s In the Mix

Individual music-makers - plug-in. There’s a place for you in the OMP community of novices, intermediates to seasoned pros. End your isolation and get in the mix.    

Bands - rehearse and record in an affordable, convenient, inspiring space that actually sounds amazing.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced players - level-up your skills and experience by playing with a diverse community in a space built for music.

Music is such an important part of my life and where I find peace... So grateful to have a place in RVA that brings musicians together!
— Sarah Kane
Makeda McCreary performs in the Lunar Lounge
Funky pods
A vintage Rogers silver sparkle drum set!
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What you get

Rehearsal Pods

  • Each room is 330 sf with enough room for 8 players.
  • Ultra-comfy, sound-proof, and climate-controlled.
  • Drums and bass amps already set up and ready to go.
  • Full PA with monitor, mixer and microphones included.
  • Book and manage sessions on your OMP app.


OMP's core = 200+ members
  • Play in spontaneous jams and curated match-ups.
  • Communicate and share in a members-only messaging app.
  • Bring friends and host shows.
  • Sell and buy instruments.
  • Promote shows, get recommendations, and help each other.


  • We provide recording services using a Zoom 4-track recorder. At OMP you can make a demo (or just record practice) without even pressing a button. A staff member manages every detail - and you get a mixed and compressed MP3 or Wave file after your session.


  • Play for a crowd of five (or fifty) on a stage equipped with PA, drums and piano. Members can book a performance in the app in advance, then invite the community or some friends to the show. Or, you can join an open mic night or just noodle around on the piano. The stage area is wheelchair-accessible and entirely configurable. Go nuts. Or bananas. Better yet, go both.


  • Hang out in the lounge and listen to some groovy records or skim through a book from our eclectic collection. Over at the bar you can order up a coffee (Rostov’s), hot tea, sodas and snacks. The WiFi is snappy, too. And if you break a string, forget a cable, or bust a drumstick, we’ve got you covered.


  • Keys
  • Yamaha upright console piano, Kimball upright console piano, Yamaha 88-key digital piano, Roland VR-09, Micro Korg with Vocoder, Baldwin Fun Machine (ca 1970), 1970s air organ, accordion, Yamaha Reface CP
  • Strings
  • G&L ASAT Classic electric guitar, Fender Telecasters (we have two), Danelectro electric sitar, Daisy Rock electric bass, Thumper Double bass, Gretsch Jim Dandy acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo + more!
  • Drums + Percussion
  • Sonar Safari drum sets, vintage Rogers silver sparkle drum set, Questlove Pocket kit, Roto Toms, Cajon, Tambourine, Congas + more!
  • Digital
  • TR 808 drum machine, Korg Volca Kick, Korg Volca Bass, Stylophone Pocket Synth, Stylophone Gen X-1, Korg Monotron, Stylophone Beatbox, piles of pedals
  • Oddballs
  • Moog theremin, Omnichord, hurdy gurdy
  • Air-powered
  • Harmonicas, trumpet, baritone horn
  • Get louder
  • Dr. Z Maz 18 guitar amp, Roland Jazz Chorus JC 120, Ampeg BA 115 bass combo amp, Ashdown Five 15 100w bass amp, Fender Deluxe Reverb guitar amp, Yamaha mixers with Mackie mains and Yamaha monitors
This place is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Everyone is friendly, easygoing, and fun to be around.
— Laura Corcoran, drummer
The lounge and bar area is super groovy
Kimball upright piano with uke in a rehearsal pod
Kimball upright piano with uke in a rehearsal pod


$7-11/mo or $121/yr
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
  • Flexible pay-what-you-can monthly fee.
Add more room time or guest passes as you need ‘em!
  • Rehearsal pods $25/hr
  • Recording + $10/session
  • Guest passes $5/person
$25/mo or $275/yr
  • Rehearsal pods 3 hours/mo
  • Recording 1 session/mo
  • Guest passes 6/mo
  • Reserve the stage for shows and events.
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
Add more room time or guest passes as you need ‘em!
Only 8 left!
$50/mo or $550/yr
  • Rehearsal pods 5 hours/mo
  • Recording 1 session/mo
  • Guest passes 10/mo
  • Reserve the stage for shows and events.
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
Add more room time or guest passes as you need ‘em!
Only 3 left!
$75/mo or $825/yr
  • Rehearsal pods 7 hours/mo
  • Recording 2 session/mo
  • Guest passes 14/mo
  • Reserve the stage for shows and events.
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
Add more room time or guest passes as you need ‘em!
Only 2 left!
$100/mo or $1,100/yr
  • Rehearsal pods 9 hours/mo
  • Recording 2 sessions/mo
  • Guest passes 18/mo
  • Reserve the stage for shows and events.
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
Add more room time or guest passes as you need ‘em!
Only 1 left!
$150/mo or $1,650/yr
  • Rehearsal pods 12 hours/mo
  • Recording 3 sessions/mo
  • Guest passes 24/mo
  • Reserve the stage for shows and events.
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
Add room time or guest passes as you need ‘em!
Sold out!
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$300/mo or $3,300/yr
  • Rehearsal pods 24 hours/mo
  • Recording 3 sessions/mo
  • Guest passes 30/mo
  • Reserve the stage for shows and events.
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
Add more room time or guest passes as you need ‘em!
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for teachers!
$15/mo or $275/yr
  • Rehearsal pods 12 hours/mo
  • Recording 2 sessions/mo
  • Reserve the stage for shows and events.
  • Unlimited student passes
  • Guest passes 12/mo
  • Access to instrument collection and lounge.
  • Members-only messaging and room booking apps.
Sold out!
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A cartoon illustration of two synthesizer robots arm-in-arm
The lounge and bar area is super groovy
 Cabaret in the Lunar Lounge
Lawrence lights up the Yamaha console piano

Every answer is Yes

Perfect place to play live with other musicians.
— Dave Clemans, guitarist

Is OMP on hiatus because of COVID-19?

Yup. Orbital Music Park will be closed until at least Sunday, May 3 in response to CDC guidance and to fully participate in the social distancing movement in response to COVID-19.

We’d much prefer to see you in OMP’s germ-free pods using our freshly-sanitized microphones, but in the meantime we’re asking our members, guests, and staff to please follow CDC and Virginia Department of Health guidelines and stay home.

OMP is fine - we just want to do our part to limit the spread of Coronavirus in RVA.

Do I have to be a member to book a rehearsal room?

Yup. Members get a handy dandy app to manage room bookings (iOS and Android). Most memberships have an allowance of hours you can spend on rooms (the app keeps track of your hours). If you wanna play more, then you can either upgrade your membership or buy more time - which you can do in the app.

Can I just drop-in and play?

A-ffir-ma-tive. You might join a jam session already in progress (with permission from the group). Or, you might grab an open slot on the schedule - which you can see and book on our handy dandy app. Or, you might pop on stage to do a song or two. Or, you might grab the electric sitar and noodle on the couch. Or, you might grab a drum machine or some wacky synth and pop on some headphones for a silent session. So. Many. Ways. To. Play.

Can I schedule a practice in a specific room far in advance?

Yes. You can book rooms up to three months in advance. The schedule is first-come, first-serve. If you really need a slot that’s already booked, you can contact that member and see what’s possible. You can also ask staff to help you lock-in a date and time.

Can I bring friends to my session?

Yeah!! Most memberships come with a supply of guest passes. You’ll simply check-in each guest at the front desk (yes, you have to be with your guests). If you need more guest passes, you can buy ‘em for $5 each. Cheap!

Can one membership cover everyone in my band?

Yes. One person can pay the monthly or annual fee while the other band members use the guest passes included with that membership. Alternatively, each band member can join and combine pod and recording time (and guest passes) into a shared pool.

Is there a calendar that lists all jam sessions?

Yep. Our calendar describes all public and private jam sessions, plus performances in the Lunar Lounge! Visit the calendar

Can I record my session?

Sure thing. Most memberships have recording sessions included in the monthly fee. Just tell the person at the front desk you wanna record. OMP staff will activate the recorder when your session starts. Within a few minutes after you’re done playing, you’ll get a link to your mixed, compressed recording - which you can download as an MP3 or edit online. You’re also welcome to bring your own recording gear (just make sure you book extra time for set-up and break-down).

Can I play a show at OMP?

Heck, yeah! Members can book the stage area in the app, then get a bunch of guest passes for your fans - or just play for the other members. We’re limited to about 50 people in the lounge area, so think of it like a very small jazz club. Upright piano (tuned), drums, bass amp, PA are provided. And you can borrow any extra instruments or gear from the OMP collection. And we have a candelabra, too. So...

Can I just hang out? Maybe have a coffee and read a book?

Yes and yup. We have Rostov’s coffee on tap, tea, sodas, snacks - and a collection of unusual and interesting books about music, art and culture. Free and strong WiFi for members, too. Listen to some funky records. Maybe catch a spontaneous performance in the lounge. Jump into a quick jam session. Geek out about some new or vintage gear. Juggle bowling balls. Play some Scrabble. Make a sock puppet. Whatever...

Does OMP have gear I can borrow?

Quite. The list is kinda long, so we’ll summarize. All kinds of amps, drums, percussion, synths, keyboards, guitars, and basses. We even have a full-size Yamaha acoustic piano on the stage. Other highlights include: a Moog theremin, Roland 808 drum machine, a vintage 70s Baldwin Fun Machine, and Tom’s G&L ASAT Classic telecaster with Lindy Fralin pickups. Oh, and we even have an accordion.

Can I donate an instrument?

Wow, sure! Cool! We’ve accepted a banged up bugle, an antique baritone, a bag of harmonicas, bass cabinets, guitars and a mandolin. There’s nothing formal about this - we’ll take what you have and give the community access to it. We don’t assess value or do any fancy tax receipts - so if you wanna go that way then you might try a thrift store or something. We just say “yes” and let other people play the instrument.

Can beginners play at OMP?

Oh, very yes. OMP is a fun place to get started with a new instrument because you can play privately when you want, and with others when you want. You might even learn some tips and tricks from the more experienced members.   

Can I take lessons at OMP?

Yup. Book time in a pod and share a guest pass with your teacher or coach. And if your teacher joins as a member, then you can practice together without using the time included with your membership.

Can I give lessons at OMP?

Super yes. The Pulsar membership is designed for teachers and coaches. Students (and parents/guardians) get free admission and can borrow anything from our instrument library. You can even host recitals on the stage - we have a spiffy piano. When you’re not teaching, come back and jam! Note: we have a limited supply of Pulsar memberships - so reserve a place now.

Does OMP support and actively promote diversity and inclusion?

We do. From day one we have done our best to make OMP a place for the full rainbow to shine. Spiritual path. Sexual identity. Gender identity and non-binary. Ages. Races. Every music style, instrument, skill level. We’re proud members of Equality Means Business. We also support Diversity Richmond, the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, SPARC, and the Business Coalition for Justice.

Is OMP accessible?

We are. There’s a handicapped parking spot adjacent to the ramp to enter the warehouse. There are ramps on each rehearsal room and the stage and lounge are floor-level. The restrooms are ADA-compliant, too.

Does OMP have a code of conduct?

Yup. In a sentence: Always be cool (and good) with each other. The slightly longer version: Orbital Music Park is dedicated to providing a harassment-free musical experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, political views, skill-level, musical style or religion (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of members in any form. Speak your truth – and – understand excessive sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any Orbital Music Park meetup, including songs, correspondence and other online media. Orbital Music Park participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from any Orbital Music Park meetup or event system without a refund at the discretion of the organizers. There’s a longer version of this, too. Each member must sign the code of conduct when they join.

Can all ages jam at OMP?

You betcha. Musicians under 13 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Musicians 80+ have unlimited free admission.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Of course! You can update membership any time you like with OMP's handy dandy Membership Change-O-Matic!

Can I pause or cancel my membership at any time?

Yup. There’s no long-term commitment and you’ll be refunded the amount you didn’t use. Keep in mind: space is limited - so when you leave we’ll offer that spot to someone else waiting for a membership. You can pause or cancel with OMP's glorious Membership Change-O-Matic!

Can I volunteer?

Yeah! Volunteers serve as on-call jam partners for members. Send an email to beepbeep@orbitalmusicpark.com

Can my band or organization book the space for an event?

Yes - we'll do our best. OMP's Lunar Lounge can accommodate up to 70 people. OMP lives in an industrial warehouse, which can get a bit toasty in the summer and a bit frosty in the winter. Rental rates start at $150/hr, and we sometimes offer discounts to charitable organizations. Please get in touch so we can start a conversation about dates, logistics, and budget.

Can non-members book rehearsal time?

Yes - by appointment. Rates are $35/hr before 4pm, and $50/hr after 5pm. Please get in touch so we can sort out the details together.

Is OMP hiring?

Yes - eventually. While we don't have any open roles now, we are happy to read resumes and start conversations. Please send your resume to Tom and Morgan at beepbeep@orbitalmusicpark.com.

Can I talk to someone if I still have questions?

Yes, indeed! Email us at beepbeep@orbitalmusicpark.com. Or, call or text Tom at 804-484-4136.

The Dika Newlin pod is a study in New York punk rock pink and yellow
Electric sitar! Woot!
Black acoustic guitar, uke, mandolin
"The experience made me want to continue making music a bigger part of my life."
- Nancy, guitar player
  • 2100 Tomlynn Street, Richmond, VA 23230
  • Mon: 11:00am - 11:00pm
  • Tues: 11:00am - 11:00pm
  • Wed: 11:00am - 11:00pm
  • Thurs: 11:00am - midnight
  • Fri: 11:00am - midnight
  • Sat 10:00am - midnight
  • Sat 10:00am - 11:00pm
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