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OMP 2.0
May 1, 2021
In 2024 OMP's goal is to open the future of music collaboration right here in Richmond, VA.

These are audacious plans.
Watercolor of the new OMP lounge features pods, sheds, and groovy lights.

We're trading 2,000 square feet in the back of a warehouse for 10,000 square feet in our own building with actual air conditioning. We're graduating from 2 quirky pods - to 3 redesigned band rooms and 3 smaller practice sheds!

    Watercolor of the new OMP lounge features pods, sheds, and groovy lights.

    We're trading a tiny stage for an expansive layout with dedicated areas for rehearsals, musician match-up events and performances. The "secret" nightclub in the back will feature intimate shows from diverse performers. And you won't have to ride a scooter to get to the restrooms.

      Watercolor of the new OMP lounge features pods, sheds, and groovy lights.

      We're trading a cramped corner stage for an iconic nightclub where nearly 75 people can listen deeply as world-class musicians create soulful tapestries of sound. Enjoy a local beer, have a glass of wine, and savor small plates from the kitchen.

        Renderings by Katie Grottenthaler, musician and OMP member.


        We believe now is the right time to expand to serve the larger community of music people in RVA and beyond. We're gonna need some help to open OMP 2.0. We've already assembled our technical team. Now we need some intrepid astronauts like you to climb aboard and voyage with us into the cosmic wonderland.

        Two things you can do right now:

        1. TESTIFY!

        Got a story to tell about your experiences at OMP 1.0? We'd love to share your thoughts with other members and with potential investors. Please take a minute or two to share a few sentences with us.

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        2. JOIN UP!

        Pre-book a ticket to ride! We're offering limited-edition memberships to OMP 2.0 as a means of crowd-sourced funding for construction and operations. These special-edition memberships are limited to only 100 people, and range from $500 up to $2,000.

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        OMP 1.0 is open until October 2, 2022.

        There’s an old saying about the folly of doing too much at once: you can’t sit on two horses with one ass.

        Forging ahead with OMP 2.0 plans requires total focus and significant resources. Therefore, to make this journey, plans are underway to permanently close OMP's Tomlynn Street location on October 2, 2022. Stay tuned for details about milestones - and a BIG PARTY - in the coming weeks.

        We opened OMP on Tomlynnn Street on February 22, 2019 as a laboratory to test who would use the space and why, and how the space would be helpful to a diverse community of music makers. We made big guesses about construction costs, instruments, and tools. We made more big guesses about revenue, partnerships, and the potential of the concept.

        We're happy to report we were wrong in some very great ways, yet more right than we could have imagined in many amazing ways. Even as we navigated challenges during the pandemic, we discovered new ways to serve RVA music makers, which helped forge friendships and nurture a community that has been nothing short of life-changing. 

        Watercolor of the new OMP lounge features pods, sheds, and groovy lights.

        Jay Baxter and the SAUCE band perform in the Lunar Lounge March 2022.

        Watercolor of the new OMP lounge features pods, sheds, and groovy lights.

        Architect Jordan Green and OMP Co-Founder Morgan Huff outline the Blue Eric E. Stanley pod with chalk October 2018.

        If you're reading this as a current or former member, please accept our deepest gratitude for bringing your love and sonic talents to OMP. If you're new to OMP or just curious, then we hope to get to know you better.

        OMP's mission is to provide inclusive creative spaces for music-makers to meet, match up and perform in Richmond, Virginia, and beyond. Our vision is to build music parks in every capital city on Earth so that diverse music communities can thrive for many generations.

        Glad to have you in the mix.

        Onward and upward!

        Bunny, Morgan, Tom

        Questions? Concerns? Please text/call/email Tom
        804-484-4136 /